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Build the perfect college application by working directly with our expert college application writers and our experienced creative writing specialists. We offer UC application writing, Common App, and private school application writing packages that are proven to highlight your strengths and your achievements. We will use our extensive library of college admissions knowledge to show you which strings to pull based on the colleges you choose to apply to.

We know how challenging the college admissions journey can be.

With school districts becoming more competitive than ever and acceptance rate percentages for the top universities shrinking every year, it’s vital that students know what to write on their college applications and how to best approach the application process. Having worked with admissions officers from Harvard, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, and many more of the top private and public schools around the country, we can give you the guidance needed to execute the perfect college application and essay to give you the edge you need to stand above the competition.

Let us take the stress out of applying to college.

Park Tutoring offers a variety of college application services—from comprehensive college admissions essay writing to targeting the specific areas of the application process that you might want expert guidance with. We are here to help. You’ll work with an experienced college application writing specialist who will mentor and guide you to a winning college application that will showcase who you are, your achievements, and your potential.

(Free Trial Session is online only)

Best college application consultant California USA

1 Common Application
Best college application consultant California USA Best college application consultant California USA Best college application consultant California USA Best college application consultant California USA

4 Common Applications
college application essay tutor California

UC Schools Application Writing
college application essay tutor California

Best college application consultant California USA Best college application consultant California USA Best college application consultant California USA Best college application consultant California USA

UC Schools Application + 4 Common Applications


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& Evaluation

  • A 1 on 1 meeting with one of our College Counseling Directors for a review of your academic standing, strengths, interests, achievements and extracurricular activities.
  • We will evaluate your goals, develop a personalized plan of action and assign you to your very own college application specialist based on your desired schools and field of study interests.

Admissions Essay/Personal Statement Writing Guidance

  • Brainstorm with an application writing expert to develop the perfect essay topic.
  • Work with our creative writing specialist to craft a well-constructed essay that truly shines a light on who you are, in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • We will coach you and guide you through multiple drafts until you are satisfied with the final result.

Expert Application

  • 1 on 1 meetings with your assigned college application expert to craft a resume and show you which activities, awards and extracurriculars to highlight based on your goals.
  • Help you narrow down a list of schools and programs that would be the best fit for you.
  • General advice and help with any questions you may have along the way.

Unlimited Application

  • Continuous follow-ups with your application specialists and director.
  • Reviews to check for any missing material, errors, or changes that you would like to make before submitting your college application.

Best tutoring company in Irvine! They provided me with so many resources, helped me with my SAT test, and guided me through the college application process. They were amazing, and I highly recommend them to everyone!!!

- Agam Cohen

I just finished my undergraduate application. It was so easy with the help of Park Tutoring. They gave me lots of tips and help through the entire application process. A+ for this tutoring service!

- Christina Berg

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Frequently Asked Questions

Founder Sang Jun Park grew up in Northern California and noticed the paucity of resources for students who were supported at home and motivated academically but simply lacked the knowledge and tools needed to help them grow into truly stand out college applicants.

He started his private tutoring career in 2008, helping four high school students receive perfect scores on the SAT Math and SAT II Math IIC exams, on which he himself received perfect scores. His demand grew exponentially after producing many successful students. Park Tutoring expanded in 2017 and has only continued to grow since then, having produced 36 perfect math scorers in SAT and ACT® by 2019. He then worked with elite SAT/ACT® Math and English tutors who scored in the 99th percentile and started providing comprehensive SAT/ACT® services. He brings the spirit of drive, aspiration, and ambition to all of his classes including his sought after College Counseling and Leadership Class.

While we do think that we can add plenty of value to those who join our program in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, we recommend that you start College Counseling during the summer of 8th GRADE. In 8th grade, students can get ahead of the game by preparing 9th grade materials, SAT/ACT® prep, summer courses, and impactful extracurricular activities that will give you a competitive advantage over your peers. In order to maximize opportunities at every grade level, we want you to prepare BEFORE you get into high school. However, if you are already in high school, DON’T PANIC! Our experts have experience helping students improve their admissions rating even if students start as late at 11th grade. Please feel free to make an appointment for a FREE consultation to learn what you can do today to make your college admissions dream come true!

We offer a variety of services, including college counseling, SAT/ACT® prep, and classes in leadership and character development. We have tutors for Math, English, Science, History, AP exams, SAT/ACT®, and many more! Let us know if there is a subject that you need help with; we will assign you a specialist who can help you master that subject or topic.

At Park Tutoring, we have a teaching schedule organized by SAT/ACT® question types. We focus on 8 to 9 question types per week and give students a practice test at the end of each week to assess their progress. If they have not mastered the concept, we will hold a meeting to assess what barriers there may be to reaching our goal and collectively figure out a solution to help them master the material.

We will repeat this process until they have mastered all SAT/ACT® question types and topics. For one-on-one tutoring, the students will get a personalized plan according to their needs. Founder Sang Jun Park coined two terms for SAT/ACT® strategy: “Microstrategy” and “Macrostrategy”. Microstrategy is designed to help students figure out the quickest and easiest ways to find answers to the questions. Macrostrategy is designed to help students assess the test as a whole and figure out a way to either improve their time management or do sections in a different order to improve their scores.

Part of Macrostrategy is analyzing why the student may be underperforming when they have the ability to score higher on the test. This may include looking for weaknesses in passage types, question types, and/or time management. We have a very high requirement for our SAT/ACT® tutors. Our Instructors have scored in the 99 percentile or have similar qualifications. We believe that the tutors should have a complete understanding of the tests in order for them to help students achieve their ideal score.

Our instructors create individualized lesson plans based on each student’s needs. We incorporate active learning methods by encouraging students to engage in discussing, practicing, and applying the topics that they have learned to the real world. We selectively hire tutors who are sociable, friendly, and caring, so our tutors are very attentive and engaged with students.

Our tutors teach 1-on-1 online through video conference calls. We provide our tutors with remote learning technologies such as document cameras or stylus pens so that students can see what the tutors are writing in real-time. Upon request, we can also lend document cameras to students, or simply use screen share. Our tutoring program mimics in-person tutoring with remote advantages: students can see materials in front of them, do not have to lean over tutors to view materials, and can learn from the comfort of their own homes. For students who live near Irvine, we also offer in-person tutoring upon request.

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