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Welcoming students K–12th Grade

Our Academic Tutoring is available for almost all school subjects. We are here to help students of all levels reach their full potential.

Inspiring Responsibility

Our goal is to help our students fully understand the material they need help with. Our tutors give their students the absolute best and just as they hold themselves accountable, they encourage each student to take responsibility and work hard toward their goals.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

From our tutors, to our director, to our on-staff admissions officers, we are determined to help our students succeed. Everyone at Park Tutoring plays a huge role in developing each individual student’s plan to ensure their success. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Immense Online Options

In addition to access to top tutors all over the country, we also offer AP, SAT, and ACT Test Prep. And for those who need college application help or college counseling, we also offer those services to our students 100% remote.

What To Expect:

Free Consultation and Academic Proposal

The first step of your journey is a free 1 to 1 tutoring session where we work with you to figure out exactly where you need help and develop a personalized tutoring strategy to complement your strengths and target your weaknesses. After your initial assessment, you will have a plan built just for you, solid goals, and a clear view of how to hit those goals.

Personalized 1 on 1 Tutoring

Once your unique plan is in place, you will receive in-person or online tutoring from the top tutors in the nation. These tutors are experts in the subjects they teach and will not only help you learn the material, but help you fully understand the subject matter and show you how to best study for that specific subject.

Your Success and Comfort Comes First

When we say we want you to have the best and most effective tutoring experience, we mean it. This is why we allow our students to try out different tutors for free until they find the perfect fit.

Looking for an online tutor?

For our online students, we select tutors nationally which makes it possible for you to receive top-notch tutoring, from the comfort of your home. We use stylus pens and document cameras to give you feedback in real-time so the quality of service is world-class whether you are in person or online.

They have the best tutors here! I was searching for the best tutoring near me and I found the jackpot! I was getting Cs on my tests before. After 2 weeks of coming here, I ended up getting 20 out of 21, 95%, on my precalculus test!!! I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to improve their academic grades!

- R. Boles

I spoke to the director, who was very professional and listened to me about my daughter’s tutoring needs. He set my daughter up with a tutor twice a week and since then, she’s been getting A’s on her math tests!

- Dayna Nguyen

This place is AMAZING! When I came to get tutoring I was struggling a lot when it came to my mathematics and chemistry. A lot of people think that the results will come immediately, however, this program was very patient when it came to my growth in learning and also my pacing in new concepts. Overall great place!

- Meera Sriram

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