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Why People Choose Us

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World-Class Education

We select tutors nationally which makes it possible for us to provide top elite tutors at an affordable rate. We value our tutors based on friendliness, integrity, subject mastery, and teaching ability. You can enjoy world-class tutoring in the comfort of your home.

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Smart and Strategic

After pairing you with your perfect tutor, we will write an academic proposal that lays out your academic goals, the strategies we will use to get you to your goal, topics that will be covered, and duration it will take for you to master each of the topics mentioned.

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Technology Driven

We provide our most up to date technology to provide students reach their learning potential. Our technology pinpoints your child’s weaknesses and provides your children with plenty of practice questions on the areas of weaknesses. Your child will have full confidence before moving on to the next topic!

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Exceptional Support

In order to maximize the effectiveness of each personalized session, we encourage you to take advantage of our Preparation Form which can be filled out before each lesson so that our tutor can refer to and prepare each session according to your needs.

Personalized Instruction

Since 2019, Park Tutoring has always valued effective and efficient studying above all else. We encourage students to work smarter and harder to maximize their potential. We continuously research the best strategies for breaking down topics to provide the most effective way of helping students master academic concepts.

Park Tutoring also counsels students on gaining admission to their dream college or university. We research college admissions criteria yearly and tailor our College Counseling program and our highly sought after Leadership Class accordingly. At Park Tutoring, our core values are Excellence, Integrity, Friendliness, and Dutifulness.

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We Give the Best Tutoring Services

We give the best option for you when it comes to studying. Let us help you achieve your academic goals. Get your FREE TRIAL today!

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College Application Writing

We have close relationships with former admissions officers from schools such as Harvard, The University of Chicago, USC, UPENN, UC Berkeley, UCI, and etc. We apply our insights that we get from these former admissions officers when helping your child write their essays. College Application Writing would be a breeze for your child. It’s like taking an open book test with answers right in front of you!

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College Counseling

We have inside information on what it takes to get into the top universities. We know what factors the colleges are looking for, the factors they prioritize, how your application is rated, and more! Since we know how your applications are evaluated, we know exactly what moves your child should be taking next! We can’t reveal all of our secrets here, but book a trial lesson, and see for yourself what we can offer!

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AP Prep

Get ready to be even more surprised with our AP Prep classes! At Park Tutoring, we go above and beyond when selecting our tutors. Some of our tutors are College Board AP Exam graders, offering your child unparalleled insights into achieving that perfect 5. Sounds too good to be true? Well, there’s no risk in finding out! Book a trial lesson today, and see which inside information these tutors can share with you!

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ACT@ Prep

Being highly selective, we only hire tutors who received 34 or higher on the section that they teach! Additionally, we utilize our most up to date technology that analyzes your child’s weaknesses by question type. Then, we map a plan to pinpoint on your child’s weaknesses to help him or her study efficiently, saving you money and your child time. Contact us today, and take advantage of our free detailed analysis!

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SAT@ Prep

Despite the recent changes in the SAT, we are up to date on what we offer! We have a new analysis tool that is designed to cater to the new digital SAT. You will be able to mimic the real test setting by taking the test on your computer screen thanks to our newly developed portal! All of our highly qualified tutors have scored 760 or higher on the section that they teach! Book a free diagnostic test today, and see the difference!

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Academic Tutoring

We have expert specialists for each subject! Some of our tutors’ qualifications include degrees from top elite universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, and UC Berkeley; CollegeBoard AP exam graders; former and current school teachers; etc. We offer classes in almost every subject including math, English, science, history, Spanish, and more! Book a trial lesson today, and experience why we’re unrivaled!

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How Park Tutoring Works

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Begin your Park Tutoring journey by completing the form at the bottom of this page. Provide essential details about the parent, student, student’s grade level, and the subjects requiring assistance.

Our team will expertly match your student with a world-class tutor specializing in the subjects they need help with. This tailored approach ensures optimal learning and support.

Upon request, we go the extra mile by creating a detailed academic proposal. This comprehensive document outlines the student’s overview, goals, covered topics, strategies for success, and the recommended number of sessions.

When you choose to continue with our service, expect a seamless payment process. We’ve partnered with Square for your security—rest assured, your payment information is confidential. We only charge for attended sessions, with no access to your credit card details beyond that. Rely on our transparency; we hold trust in the highest regard.

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Embark on a Learning Odyssey with Our Cutting-Edge Portal

In our unwavering commitment to delivering an extraordinary tutoring experience for your child, we transcend boundaries with our cutting-edge student portal. Our sophisticated system surpasses the ordinary, meticulously analyzing and pinpointing students’ weaknesses, ensuring a precise and effective learning journey. The portal serves as a dynamic hub, fostering seamless interaction between students and tutors through engaging mail exchanges. Empowering students to actively contribute, our portal features Preparation Forms that enable tutors to tailor lessons with precision. Additionally, tutors seamlessly upload progress reports, keeping parents in the loop about their child’s educational journey. Immerse yourself in the transformative influence of our portal—a cornerstone in crafting uniquely personalized programs that cater to your child’s individual needs.

A Treasury of Endless Learning

At the heart of our educational prowess lies a dedicated curriculum development team, tirelessly enriching our extensive library. On a perpetual quest for knowledge, they curate a comprehensive resources library, continuously incorporating new worksheets to ignite students’ learning adventures. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to crafting original content, ensuring an abundance of practice materials for every specific topic. Immerse your child in the opulence of Park Tutoring’s curriculum—an educational experience meticulously designed for mastery. Explore the boundless horizons of learning with us today!

Discover Excellence in Education with Our Award-Winning Tutoring Company!

At Park Tutoring, we don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk, proudly backed by our illustrious awards. Imagine the prestigious Reader’s Choice for Parenting OC’s Best Tutoring Company 2022 in our trophy cabinet, and the coveted Neighborhood Fave 2023 title on the Nextdoor App.

What sets us apart? It’s not just the gleaming trophies—it’s the resounding applause from our students, appreciative nods from parents, and the heartfelt endorsements of our neighbors that truly validate our commitment to excellence. Join us on a journey where success is not just celebrated, but crafted with care and expertise. Experience the difference with Park Tutoring. Your academic triumph awaits!

Unlock Academic Excellence with Our Global Network of Top-tier Tutors!

Immerse yourself in unparalleled learning with our world-class tutors, meticulously selected from across the nation and, at times, around the globe. How do we bring you this exceptional expertise at such an affordable rate? It’s simple—we cast our net wide, drawing from a vast pool of talented applicants. However, with positions limited, we become the gatekeepers of excellence, rigorously ensuring that only the best make the cut.

Imagine a select few emerging victorious, securing a coveted spot to provide you, our valued student, with extraordinary quality tutoring. We don’t just settle; we fight for a competitive rate, ensuring that your educational journey is guided by a world-class tutor without breaking the bank. Elevate your learning experience with us—where affordability meets excellence, and success knows no bounds!

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